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Institute of Innovative Structures - Mainz 

Welcome to the website of the Institute of Innovative Structures - Mainz, shortly iS-mainz. We provide you with news about the institute's activities, about running and completed projects, about our publications as well as our offers and our team.
On the service page you can find information concerning publications and a dowload area with some smaller articles and reports, some Excel based programs and a weblink collection on sandwich manufacturers and suppliers.

... about the institute

The Institute of Innovative Structures - Mainz was founded in december 2003 as a research institute of the department of civil engineering at Hochschule Mainz - University of Applied Sciences under the name Institute for Sandwich Technology - Mainz.

After doing research on sandwich technology for many years, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Berner founded the Institut für Sandwichtechnik at Hochschule Mainz, to bundle activities of working groups of Tragwerksbaulabor (structures laboratory) and Amtliche Prüfstelle für Baustoffe (material testing authority) at Hochschule Mainz, of Stahlbaulabor (laboratory for steel structures) at Technische Universität Darmstadt and of Ingenieurbüro iS-engineering (consulting engineers). This forms a centre you can address with all technical and scientific problems dealing with sandwich technology.

In January 2014 the institute opened its focus towards a wider range of innovative structures in civil engineering and hence changed its name. The institute carries out basic research and applied research in the area of sandwich technology and futhermore strategically combines the expertise in lightweight steel, structural dynamics and timber materials for reseach and design development in civil engineering.

It is the goal of the institute to promote innovative technology in constructive civil engineering. To achieve these goals, both, basic research and industry driven research and development are cultivated. User benefit is given special emphasis.

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